The salmon, the spider, the circling North wind,
leaves and rain and the quarrel of sparrows: all return to their sources.

Moon of Returns

month of the 3 card spread
waning gibbous moon, day 21, moon of returns

move on with kindness
but move towards where?
follow your intuition

waxing gibbous moon, day 11, moon of returns

subconsciousness says
movement is important. keep moving.

consciousness says
focus on the destination you want, not on the one you don’t want.

superconsciousness says
there is joy is using what you have to create what you need.

waxing gibbous moon, day 10, moon of returns

body says
let’s change our environment so we can change our outputs

but mind says
please visualize the future vividly before drastic changes

and the spirit says
move forward but do not rush

Leaves cure into red, and between their branches webs quiver.

Spider Moon

month of haiku
waning gibbous spider moon, day 20

a little bedding
but otherwise just rats
in the rat’s nest.

waxing gibbous moon, spider moon, day 13

as fall advances,
squirrel moves quickly.
the trees tremble!

first quarter moon, spider moon, day 7

Two men slurp tea.
The crow shifts to preen
upon the wire.

waxing crescent, spider moon, day 4

All night long
At rim of the canyon
The mouse shivers.

new moon, spider moon, day 1

The heron fishes.
I see, or do not see.
She carries on.

Fresh, sharp air and heavy sunlight polish the final labors of summer.

Apple Moon

month of haiku
waning crescent, apple moon, day 21

social, yet
avoiding lonliness
a diversion. a waste?

waning gibbous, apple moon, day 17

beneath the fruit
sparring sparrows twist—
sharpness grows.

waxing gibbous, apple moon, day 14

a golden fall day:
both sides.

waxing apple moon, day 12

lazy day
a stroll to buy fabric
and slowly design

first quarter, apple moon, day 10

the moon and I
move widdershins

crascent, apple moon, day 9

what’s next?
the sun or the moon—

waxing crescent, apple moon, day 6

rowdy children,
social time, then sleep:
a simmering glow

waxing crescent, apple moon, day 3

night rain,
the weight of a work day:

new moon, apple moon, day 1

how to show
a ranging set of thoughts—
the world, compressed.