What is wealth?

“To create wealth is not to give people what they want, but to help them figure out what to want by making sense of what is worth having. There is a moral element to the marketable deliverable.”

– Maria Popova from her fabulous Brainpickings blog.

Read the whole post, especially if you’re familiar with Paul Graham. If you’re not familiar with him, please get reading. He’s really an interesting thinker who comes from the deep backend of the computer world.

Popova raises interesting points about an essay he wrote regarding startups, and she also takes exception to some of his points. I wonder if she’s read all of his essays? I feel like the exception she’s taking (which is the quote I pulled, above) is very similar to his own points in many of his essays.

Speaking of points, what’s mine? I have two, I guess. First: questioning what one produces as part of one’s labor is as important as the labor itself, if not more so. Second: go read some Paul Graham.