A way of looking at Mr. Wye


Are you reading this? How did you even find this little website on the vast and otherly-tantalizing internet? You must have been looking for it! Thanks for looking for it. I am fairly sure that I appreciate your focus. I definitely feel nervous to have your readership. Blessings and curses!?

Mr. Wye

This is a picture I made of a character named Mr. Wye whom I invented a really long time ago. Let’s say he’s a ten-year-old invention. Mr. Wye studies symbols in a faraway place called Ballard Island. I’ll tell you more about him, and the place, and why he studies symbols, as it becomes desirable and possible for me to do so.

But for now, this is was sketch I drew. I photographed the sketch with my iPad and then traced that photo in Adobe Draw with my little digital drawing stylus while on the bus this morning. Then I sent the digital sketch to my laptop where I sliced it up Illustrator and “live painted” it. It’s crude art. It’s not like my favorite piece of work, but I just processed a pencil sketch into a relatively polished digital layout through a straightforward and repeatable process. This excites me!

Do you want to see some stories come out of here? I do. And that’s what I hope this is the beginning of. A repeatable, growable process centered around writing and drawing. And maybe coding. My 4-part personal symphony of interests. (You remember the fourth part, right?)