About Scintillus

Scintillus is the spark. The inspiration, the tiny idea, charge, the flash, the insight, the whisper from the deep recesses of our animal brain.

Like all things, it is an in-progress thing.

Welcome to (what I believe to be) version 7

I’ve made several iterations of the Scintillus blog. Early versions from 2003 and 2004 were for making ActionScript tests. Simple HTML and Flash player. In 2008 I puttered my way through a php tutorial and made a custom WordPress theme for myself. The content was scattershot and self-conscious.

I’ve pondered frequently what to put up here for public eyes–creative urges are strong but mysterious and I am still figuring out how to be creative and productive…and public.

Some of the pieces here are old, and I have kept them around to remind myself and to show you where my mind has been. Like a spiral, expanding: growing but coming back to familiar spaces.

Mostly, though, this shows a range of my interests. Topics like working in the design world, creative processes, psychology, books. Painting, drawing. Where my mind is at. I can’t whittle this down much more than that.

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