About this thing

Scintillus means spark. Within the context of my personal artistic history, It’s an old name. It was originally “circus scintillus”and it referred to Flash movies I made. Flash was an animation program, people. I used it a lot in the early aughts. It was a super cool tool and I loved it and it set my life on a course that it’s still on, if indirectly.

The etymology of scintillus goes like this: flash, spark, electricity, idea, esoterica, theory, learning, Latinates. The inspiration, the insight, some little charge.

That’s the gist of it. I still connect to the notion. The spark is still sparking.

Like all things, it is an in-progress thing.

It’s a performance, too, this place. Like all things, I suppose. A curated set of things I want you to see. A place where I can feel excited, challenged, sharing, engaged. And hopefully keep it up, not get too bashful or distracted or depressed and delete everything in a self-conscious Te-fueled funk.

When I’m feeling low, it’s an attempt to keep the light on, the internal fire burning. When I’m higher, it’s a stage, or, you know, some fucking life-sustenance.

I like when people share their sources.

Here are some people and things that have inspired or helped me.

  • Lynda Barry’s What it is
  • Chris Ware’s Acme Novelty Library books, and really anything else he’s made
  • The Book of Life. A sensitive, thoughtful look at many of life’s facets
  • Havi Brooks Some is great, some is chaff.
  • Jorge Luis Borges