I am my mother’s daughter, I am my father’s son
My brother hews a stack of sticks and gives my sister none.
I sit and knit and count the days: one and one and one.

mother goose

secret-scavenger activity

THE SECRET-SCAVENGER ENDEAVOR, or: 5 seven-second video pieces about a word. To be selected at random and committed to.

Such as: soft dog cliff pillow shirt hirsute bird catcall fibrous waffling gregarious ferocious shard chard chart chat chin chain pain pin pint plow


Rules of composition:

  • Compile a list of 50 words you like. All words are allowed.
  • Select 5 words, strictly at random.
  • Write about the words: adjectives, memories, poetry. Get starter content from here. This must be completed in one sitting per word, each composition done in less than an hour.
  • All the video shots or image-gathering for the word-piece must be done in one 24-period. At least two separate locations are required for each piece.
  • No photography or found imagery may come from the block where you live, the block where you work, nor the block where your partner works or lives or where you hang out all the time. No go-to comfort zones.
  • One hand-done element must be used in each piece, and it must be the same element in each piece (titles on all five pieces, or the third shot in each piece is a map, or add ink-clouds to all sky shots, e.g.). Each hand done element must be completed in the same 24-hour period as the asset acquisition.
  • The entire, final piece must be complete within a fortnight, beginning with the generation of the word list and ending with a screening for one other person on the 14th day.
  • Each piece is to be EXACTLY 7.00 seconds, with exactly 2.00 seconds for BLANK SCREEN between.
  • Audio may persist through the entirety. Audio may not be any copyrighted material.
  • If any of the above rules are broken, this project is null and void as a SECRET-SCAVENGER ENDEAVOR.
  • Everything not explicitly disallowed is allowed.