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This is Scintillus Workshop

I help writers and visual storytellers make sense of what they most want to create and accomplish so they're able to spend their energy on the right work.

From the journal

It wasn't fear of a blank page. It was lack of vision.

Sometimes the thing we grapple with isn't the real thing. For years I grappled with blocks that I see now came from a lack of vision and spiritual alignment. I explore a bit on how surface discontents can point to the need for deeper resolution.

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The secret systems within you

Sometimes your "problems" seem too simple or vague for coaching. This may be a sign that there are deeper connections and structures at play, and coaching could be a valuable relationship to consider.

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The practice of traveling to nowhere particular

Our work can be layered with expectations about what we make and how we share. Let's take a deeper look at the idea of practice.

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My practice

What is coaching?

The focus here lies on creating new or deeper insights within you so you can get where you really need to go. We work to reorient you, on your terms, towards what revitalizes you.

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The coaching process

We create goals and action items together to move you forward. It's a time-limited series of sessions that doesn't drag on indefinitely.

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Creativity & ecopsychology

I bring a perspective to our work informed by a conscious approach to creative & compassionate re-engagement with ecological and communal relationships.

My unique approach


I share here what I’m interested in, what questions I’m asking, what I’m learning, what experiments I’m trying.

This effort is in the service of the practice of becoming a calm, intuitive, powerful and receptive person who wishes to engage with what seems magical and real and then share what I find with others.

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