Read this double dactyl from John Hollander:
Higgledy piggledy,
Benjamin Harrison,
Twenty-third president
Was, and, as such,

Served between Clevelands and
Save for this trivial
Didn’t do much.

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Here are the rules driving the structure:

Two stanzas, each with three lines of dactylic dimeter and a final choriamb line
Choriambs need to rhyme
First line of poem is jabberwock
Second line is the subject, written as proper noun
At least one line is a single double-dactylic word

Roger L. Robison’s teaching-you-the-way version:

Long-short-short, long-short-short
Dactyls in dimeter,
Verse form with choriambs
(Masculine rhyme):

One sentence (two stanzas)
Challenges poets who
Don’t have the time.

Here’s my first double dactyl:

Slivering saltiness
Alex P. Weatherby—
Already known as the
World’s tallest man—

Eating an albatross
Chopped up and fricasseed
Furtively swallowing
All that he can

Hecht & Hollander Jiggery-Pokery: A Compendium of Double Dactyls
80 Works from Peter Klappert