What I want to see, hear, learn, generally swim in

  1. a translation of my innermost heart
  2. emotional landscapes. the limbic system translated into some second language.
  3. exaggerated colors, characters, landscapes
  4. more women at the helm
  5. outstanding photography
  6. circadian rhythms visualized and utilized beautifully, helpfully, carefully
  7. surprising and correct juxtapositions
  8. the intelligences of animals
  9. desertscapes
  10. superlative eloquence
  11. native north american cultures
  12. big words, well used
  13. short, easy prose
  14. stubbornly long prose
  15. preposterously camera shots
  16. rural settings
  17. oracles
  18. visual non sequiturs
  19. perfect pitch, and the idea of Si, of introverted sensing.
  20. acrobatic inventiveness
  21. an abundance of luxurious detail
  22. lite sci-fi
    • religious, mystical, alchemical, or obtuse physics references/processes said simply, poetically. like old fashioned science, maybe, before science has methods. back when it was a part of philosophy.
  23. objects of great and obscure import: like, the grail is actually a rock
  24. generational psychology
  25. evolutionary anthropology
  26. cults, mystical societies and the like
  27. joycean streaks